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Lavender Room and Linen Sprays

$13.50 they say is the best part of the day! Spray our Fresh Lavender Linen Mist over your pillows and sheets before entry to bed to help your sleep and relaxation. Spray sheets when you are making the bed to help keep them smelling fresh.


Just Lavender Pillow Scent 200ml Lightly spray on pillows and linen at bedtime t assist with a gentle unwind


Lavender & Tea Tree Room Spray 125ml Discinfects & Deodorises Great as a HeadLice deterrent


Diffuse Lavender Essential Oil alone or combine with other oils to promote calm feelings.

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Our best selling product this summer! Lavender Pillow Sleep Mist is a refreshing lavender water spray that promotes relaxation and sleep. Available in a 50ml spray bottle.


Lavender Room Spray 100mls Freshen the room and linen with the wonderful relaxing aromas of LavenderLavender Sleep Products


Spicy Lavender Car Mist 125ml A Deodorising Spray to freshen & discinfect car, caravan, carpets, couches

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