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Basil Essential Oil 10ml Ideal tonic for nerves, stress, respiriatory, disgestive, menstrual problems


Bergamot Essential Oil 10mls Uplifting qualities Valuable intestinal antiseptic Helpful respiratory aide against infections


Campers Soap with Neem, Citronella & Tea Tree Wash with to help prevent insect bites 100g


Extreem Relief Personal Insect Repellent - 125ml Safe for Children


Lavender & Tea Tree Room Spray 125ml Discinfects & Deodorises Great as a HeadLice deterrent


Lavender Room Spray 100mls Freshen the room and linen with the wonderful relaxing aromas of LavenderLavender Sleep Products


Lemongrass Essential Oil 10ml. Aroma is strong, sweet and lemony. Long been used in India to bring down fevers and reduce infection. Discourages spread of contagious diseases, particularly infections such as sore throat, laryngitis, and fevers.Blends well with basil, geranium, lavender, palmarosa, rosemary and tea tree. Tonic affect and balances oily conditions. Good for athletes foot and other fungal infections.


Mozzie Bite Relief Balm 50ml


Neem Dog Grooming Shampoo - 250ml for Long Haired Dogs With Added Vitamin E Helps with itchy and sensitive skin Helps maintain a healthy skin and shiny coatNeem Products


Neem Dog Spray - 750ml Use on very itchy sensitive skin. Great flea repellent use for ear mites and mange Dog Products


Neem Incense Sticks - Pk 12 Great for repelling biting and annoying insects Neem with fruit


Neem Outdoors Roll On - 50ml Personal Insect Repellent Safe to use on children Neem Products

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