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Biodegradable and eco-friendly, Equine Massage Oil contains only natural botanical herbs and oils and is strong and effective for both muscles and joints as it penetrates very dense muscle tissue. Available in 250ml bottle.


Neem Dog Grooming Shampoo - 250ml for Long Haired Dogs With Added Vitamin E Helps with itchy and sensitive skin Helps maintain a healthy skin and shiny coatNeem Products


Neem Dog Spray - 750ml Use on very itchy sensitive skin. Great flea repellent use for ear mites and mange Dog Products


Neem Pet Powder - 140g Sprinkle liberally over Pet and brush in. Sprinkle over bedding as well. Gret for rashes, mites, fleas Neem Products


Pet Soap - 100g Great for flea control on dogs, cats, goats, guinea pigs, pet rats, horses Helps relieve itchy skinsAustralian Made Logo

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