Pet Soap - 100g Great for flea control on dogs, cats, goats, guinea pigs, pet rats, horses Helps relieve itchy skinsAustralian Made Logo


Neem Honey Cream 100g Wonderful for dry and damaged skin Contains Australian Bush Honey


A wonderful neem seed oil Garden Treatment that is great for organic and non organic growers. 250ml spray bottle.


Neem Incense Sticks - Pk 12 Great for repelling biting and annoying insects Neem with fruit


Neem Active Toothpaste 125g Natural Antibacterial Protection for strong teeth and healthy gumsNeem


Neem Moisturiser with Sunscreen 100g Neem, Macadamia, Aloe Vera and Vit E helps skin stay soft and moisturised. Sunscreen gives protection against the drying effects of the sun.


Neem Leaf Tea - 50g Blood Purifier and has great healing properties for those suffering from Gout, Liver or Kidney Problems. Take to aide in healing Psoriasis and eczema by cleansing the blood. Neem Tea - Loose Leaf 50g


Neem Dog Spray - 750ml Use on very itchy sensitive skin. Great flea repellent use for ear mites and mange Dog Products

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