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Essential Oils


Basil Essential Oil 10ml Ideal tonic for nerves, stress, respiriatory, disgestive, menstrual problems


Bergamot Essential Oil 10mls Uplifting qualities Valuable intestinal antiseptic Helpful respiratory aide against infections


Breathe Ese Spritzer 100ml Helps to clear airways for easy breathing


Calm Body Mist 100ml - Use to help calm you down when you feel stressed, uptight, wound up, nervous, tense. Easy to use. Spray mist on face and neck and light spray your pillow before sleep.


Essential Oils Cedarwood Essential Oil 10ml Clear the mind of anxiety and helps release aggression Good for concentration


Use our Culinary Lavender Oil in your cooking to soften citrus flavours and add a flavourful twist to marinade baked goods and desserts.

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Cypress Essential Oil 10ml Assuages anger so great to use on children/adults with ADD/ADHD problems. Soothing in times of transition, moving house or during difficult or painful changes. Particularly strenghening and comforting when ending relationships or during bereavement. Promotes feelings of comfort, refreshment, and restoration. Blend with Ylang Ylang & Lavender Oil for stress, calm, control


Eucalyptus Essential Oil can be used mixed with coconut or macadamia oil as a rub on inflamed areas of the body. Use dilated as an inhaler for coughs and colds, runny nose, flu, headaches.


Frankincense Organic Essential Oil 10ml Haunting fragrance, warm balsamic, spicy with a hint of lemon. Used as an aid to meditation Produces feelings of serenity, slow breathing This tends to have an elevating yet soothing effect on the mind. Generally comforting ameliorating anxious or obsessional states of mind


Ginger Essential Oil is used to treat an upset stomach and supports digestion. Relieves nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness and pain. Heals infections, aids respiratory problems and reduces inflammation.


Lavender & Tea Tree Room Spray 125ml Discinfects & Deodorises Great as a HeadLice deterrent


Lavender Body Mist 125ml The Eau de Cologne of our Lavender Range Smells divine

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